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sun Knight

Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973). Don Quixote (1955).

Don Quijote justice is one of the most desirable virtues, the most explicit ideal that moves him to go on adventure and whose meaning is clear: to give each one his own. Before leaving your sedentary life of a nobleman, Alonso Quijano had read many books of chivalry, books they understood it as the courageous exploits of the knight made in the name of God or a king or emperor to be paid her reverence.

Quixote thus marks the difference goes into the world and adventure in it but not to pay taxes or pay homage allegiance to any ruler or deity-such as it does the Cid. Quijote leaves the world to right wrongs and undo wrongs. Theirs is a purely social mission. There's a whole world and abuses to satisfy debts.

Quixote is set to compensate for imbalances in society and the reasons that banks are quite clear: to increase his honor, to serve his country, practicing the fine art of chivalry, to undo all sorts of grievances, win eternal renown and fame and put in all kinds of dangers. And Quixote understands the honor as a necessary social institution that is seen and recognized as a condition inherent in man but also supported by the entire society that bears witness of it.

Thus, although all people can aspire to honor not least is that it will get forged by the view that others have on you. Thus the question is not limited to our mere will. Social consensus determines the recognition that we can give, and based Quixote seeks to undertake multiple exploits of the brave I can get out and give it a name.

Honor, then, brings fame and facts that can gain the same are part of the struggle of good against evil. Do not forget that a character like Don Quixote runs a code of ethics and moral well-grounded enough so that you can not hesitate when it comes to achieving good and banish evil. This formal foundation is the main tool that our knight of the sun has to make justice to make its way in the midst of confusion and abuse or illegality. Quixote is clear that the world is in need of a righteous man, and he offers as such thus securing rise to hero status.

this new lifestyle that contrasts Quixote assumes that other left behind and which had been submerged for nearly 50 years until the day he decides to leave the world. Were 50 years in which Alonso Quijano had failed to feel excitement for life. All this time ripe with readings of cavalry till the day leaves his peaceful life of nobility, making a bundle, given a name to a horse and is looking for a faithful squire. In this new venture is certainly motivation to live a fuller life and to perform, and that's what was missing in Alonso Quijano. And certainly find it makes him happy.

For this and many other things that the ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote becomes a universal icon of the attainment of the highest ideals and the undertaking of a project of life desired by time and it decides to conduct further moved by lofty ideals and unparalleled: justice, love, honor, fame and happiness are conjugated in each of the adventures this universal character that looks beyond its lean and sad countenance can seduce and inspire today as few characters in the literary world that has ever been conceived by any author.

* Notes from the book Undoing grievances. The idea of \u200b\u200bjustice in the Quijote Angel Perez Martinez.


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